Destination Disney:: 38 days and Counting!

Originally as we pulled off from the Disney Resort we promised little B that we would go on a Disney Cruise for Spring Break.  At the time I was not pregnant, and in March I will be towards the end of month 7.  So instead of a cruise this year we asked if he would rather go to Disneyworld?  He was ecstatic.

About a week ago we booked the room, rental car, and park hopper.  When we went to Disneyland it was my husband’s first time ever in his life at a Disney park and my first time since I was 12 years old…17 years before, so we went completely oblivious to the planning that actually is supposed to apparently occur pre-arrival.  We didn’t realize until the last day the fast pass was a free perk because we were holding out for the last day to “purchase” one like you would at Six Flags. We didn’t realize that to dine with the characters reservations had to be made.  We didn’t know that characters’ had a specific and sparse schedule in specific locations so we missed all of B’s favorites:  Toy Story, Jake, and Peter Pan.

All the same the trip was absolutely magical (I will post a reflection on it soon).  It was magical for Aislyn and B alike, and even more magical to watch their delight as parents.  They didn’t know that we missed breakfast with Pooh or reservations for the VIP views of the firework shows.  All the same I decided this trip I would be more involved in the planning then just allowing a travel agent to plan it all.

After booking our tickets I started researching character appearances and special activities.  The site had so much information on the who, what, where, & when, but the how was still a mystery to me.  Finally, I raised the white flag and just decided perhaps this was all stuff you arranged with the concierge upon check in.  I still lost sleep for about a week, wondering if perhaps there was something I was missing.

Tuesday I took Aislyn for a playdate with a friend who just so happened to return from Disneyworld last week.  The mom excitedly listed all these fantastic activities that they were able to experience. Occasionally I would pipe in with, “ya I want to do that with B!”

Finally she asked, “have you made your reservations yet?”

I hesitated before I answered, should I confess that I may have completely blown it by putting off reservations this long, or admit that I was too confused by all the information to figure it out?  “No, I haven’t figured out how yet.”

She then went super Disney planner in moments.  She had me sign in on her computer with my Disney account and introduced me to the Disney Experience page on the top right of the page.  She walked me through customizing wrist bands, reserving dinners, and scheduling our fast passes. All there was left to do was to call dining reservations to schedule a pirate’s cruise for B on the last morning.

Since he has a second sister on her way in May I made an effort to make this trip all B.  We are staying in a Pirate hotel room, eating breakfast with Jake, spending our first day riding Peter Pan, pirates, and other boy themed rides.  All anxiety is out the window and now I just can’t wait for the next 38 days to rush by!


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  1. Susan says:

    Gah! You’re going to have so much fun! Focus on making memories, take breaks, plan–but go with the flow. Yay Disney!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ve been twice since this post, but had a blast!


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