Na-na-na-na-na B MAN!

It was Thanksgiving, and since we were missing Christmas with B this year my family all came together and threw a Christmas in November that was all about him.  I was so touched by my family’s efforts, some flew in from other towns even to show my step son how much they love and adore him.  My step great aunt decided she would purchase him a true Batman costume, and my uncle even downloaded the original Batman theme from the classic movies on his phone.  Unaware of this we all sat in the living room after B had opened what we thought was all of his gifts and began visiting about family, friends, and the holidays.  Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, all gathered together for this amazing sweet boy.

Suddenly the batman theme was heard in the background as we all grew quiet, unknowing of what was going on.  We turned to look in the doorway to see a toddler sized Batman standing stiff.  The mask was fabric but the pointed ears stuck up, the chest was padded to look as if he was incredibly strong, and his belt fit snuggly filled with Batman’s tools, and was complete with the buckle donned with the Batman insignia.  I could not believe my eyes, the costume was professional grade but B only stood there silently for what felt like eternity.  My family oooo’ed and awww’d, “why there’s Batman,” My step uncle yelled.  “Look is that who I think it is, how did Batman get here,” cried an aunt.

Finally B approached his dad slowly, timidly, it was not like B to be so incredibly shy, especially amongst his family.  Josh took his hand and upon looking into his son’s eyes he saw tears seeping into the mask.  B was shaking as he leaned forward, “Dad,” he whispered with his hand blocking his lips from the rest of the room, “I’m not really Batman, it’s me, B.”  Josh gave a warm but sincere smile to his son and leaned, also blocking his lips for this private moment with the boy he loved, “I know B, I could never ever mistake you for anyone else, I love you.”

In that moment B leapt with confidence to the center of the room and put on a one man show of various poses and fight maneuvers of his all time hero.  Again the room was swept up with the moment, hollering and cheering, applauding and calling out,”those are some great moves Batman!”

Sometimes when a home is so incredibly torn, and a child’s life is so divided we are sometimes reminded of the unique insecurities and sensitivities these special children have.  We must have patience and understanding, and consistently remind them that they are loved and although they are not always with us physically that they are always thought of and adored.


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