Baby Brain

It’s finding your keys in the pantry, and B’s favorite toy in the freezer.  It’s letting the dog out for a quick run and then shutting the back door and then wondering what the scratching noise is on the front door an hour or two later.  It’s starting to blog and suddenly your mind is overtaken by a cloud that blocks your stream of thoughts.  It’s telling an important story and then embarrassingly forgetting your point once you realize you have been rambling for a good 10 minutes (that feel like an uncomfortable eternity). It’s forgetting to respond to what you forgot your husband just said no matter how very hard you will your mind to recollect any of it.

I had never heard of baby brain before my first pregnancy, as I am already easily distracted and cursed with forgetful personality, baby brain makes it like my ADD is on speed. The first I ever really experienced it I was on a store visit five or six hours from our downtown Dallas apartment.  After altering a few displays, coaching my manager and her employees for the past two days it was time to finally make my pilgrimage home.  My mind was on the scrumptious and rare blue raspberry slush pup machine I had discovered in a small gas station in the middle of nowhere-ville, TX as I reached for the handle of my little dependable Suzuki but it was locked.  This is as it should be of course, unless you live in a cloud of confusion.  I headed back into the store and for three hours the three employees and I scoured the store for the keys.  I called AAA and had pop-a-lock let me into the car to search it to no avail. I called my fiancé to let him know I would not be home that night, and asked him to overnight me my spare key. I called the company I worked for to ask to extend my La Quinta reservation just one more night. I scoured the mall for a new outfit to wear the next day. When I returned from Wet Seal the newest sales associate stood before me holding my glorious key! I called my fiancé who now was only three hours from where I stood to make a surprise personal delivery of my spare. He decided he didn’t want to spend another night without me. So we took advantage of the hotel room considering it was so late. We ordered pizza, played the TV in the background with our laptops before us, furiously typing making up for the lost hours from the key confusion. It was nice to have each other for a night.


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  1. April says:

    I remember baby brain so well! Thanks for joining the blog hop 🙂

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  2. autumnhm says:

    I had baby brain with both pregnancies. I started putting everything I needed daily in my purse so then I could just dump it on the table and search for the things I needed. But then there were those times I forgot to put things back in my purse….

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    1. Haha, I forget the purse.

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  3. Gosh, does it ever go away. I must say that since my daughter entered the world I have gone from a “don’t forget one detail” to “Oh no, I left the keys in the door again!” kind of lady! Sigh… I use to blame it on hormones but now… now I am not sure anymore.

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    1. haha I couldn’t find my keys once after unlocking the car so grabbed my spare I had stored in the car (I know smart) and started driving off, when I got on the highway I checked my side view mirror & realized all my keys were hanging off my passenger side door. Sadly I didn’t even have kids yet! hahaha!

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  4. Oh Baby brain… I remember some moments too… none of them though actually turned out the way yours did. But they were not bad either 😉


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