Spring & a Gift of Blue Apron

My absolute favorite day of the year is March 9th, it’s not anyone’s birthday, it’s nothing really that spectacular except that every March 9th (at least since I was in 9th grade) has just really been a great day.  The sun is always out, the traffic parts for me, I get so much accomplished, and that feel of spring really hits me.  My husband makes a point to celebrate this day with me and surprised me this year with a Blue Apron Subscription.

I personally had never heard of Blue Apron, but they send you all the ingredients for three specific meals a week (much like the excitement of a Master Chef mystery box).  I love cooking, and I love exploring new ideas in the kitchen so I’m nearly beside myself in the excitement of this potential new adventure to change up my daily dinner routine.  This also saves me some trips to the grocer which is always fantastic, considering there are none in the town we presently live in that I’m all that excited about.  I so miss United Market Street.

Next week I will definitely take advantage of these delicious meals and post pics, and reviews of how it worked out for us.  🙂


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  1. Natalie Davis says:

    I LOVE your apron!:)


    1. Thank you! World Market. 😉

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