Sweet Home Alabama

Although the majority of the week is being spent at Disneyworld we did decide to go ahead and introduce B to the new home in Alabama (well new to him, as we have lived there September).  I expected the understandable shock response of wet beds, tears of fear in a new surroundings, and a long sleepless night from the five years old who always has exhibited difficulty with new surroundings.  Instead we were pleasantly surprised with the result.

We first only introduced him to the first floor, the floor his bedroom is on.  We invited one of my best friends who is the mom of two incredibly conveniently aged children that just turned 3 (daughter) and 6 (son).

We allowed B and his new found friend, X, to run wild amongst the interior of the downstairs and the backyard, allowing him to familiarize and just be a kid.  There was sword fighting, gun shooting, baseball hitting, and just all around constant laughter as the hubby’s stood outside grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers, and my dear friend and I discussed the conundrum of house shopping.  X upon leaving proclaimed, “B is my new best friend!” B excitedly shared the sentiment.

That night there were no accidents, there were no tears, there was a longing to stay, there was a want for our stability.  There was a happiness and safety net right off the bat without starting from scratch on structuring stability.  He was happy to be home.

That next morning Aislyn and I woke up before the boys so we surprised them by whipping up some of her famous strawberry waffles, (yes our two year old is a pro at whipping up a batch, well as much as a pro as a two year old could be).  We had to wrestle B out of bed as I’m sure the change did drain a bit of energy from him, and he came upstairs to see the rest of the house, and stare at his waffles, a complete lack in appetite.

B’s new proclaimed bestie, X, was  having a birthday party so we took him to the store and purchased a Batman toy of B’s choosing and then headed to the playground for an 11 a.m. play hour.  The play ground was insanely awesome, one I had yet to visit, and B was quick to delve into the sea of friends that X had invited.  His quick immersion made it easy to keep an eye on our mischievous daughter who kept opting for different routes to massacre the birthday cake, luckily she never reached it until everyone had already had their fair share, crawling of course across the table with her fork donning a goatee of chocolate icing from completing her own heaping slice.

I looked at our life as the  three hubbies managed to bond over soda and golf talk and my girlfriends and I discussed baby slings and house hunting.  Although I miss the humidity of Houston, and my dear family being up the road in all directions we have established some decent roots in this town in less than a years time.  Thank goodness for the participants of Bunco nights, the one night of every month I live for, a mommy get away, reprieve, full of adult connections.  Now to just find the right home to offer the picture some permanence.



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  1. garym6059 says:

    Don’t you just love making pancakes, waffles, or some other item for something out of the norm for your child for breakfast and then they don’t want to eat it. It’s always a bit deflating to me.


    1. Haha, Well in the toddler depression article you’ll read it’s not personal or about the waffles, he just doesn’t like, eat, or do anything. Thank you for the read and comment…this is shopgirl btw. 😉 This is my fluff family vent blog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. garym6059 says:

        I was wondering about that lol


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