The Late Disney Pilgrimage

When we first arrived at Disney on Sunday it was stressfully amazing.  We had originally planned to drive through the night Saturday night and then have all day Sunday at a park. We were going to check into our hotel early and take a quick morning nap, and then move onto the park, a plan I wasn’t very keen on from the beginning, but my husband’s boss convinced him it was the best idea ever for the toddlers to sleep in the car.  Although B slept like a log, Aislyn was up keeping us company through most of the drive.

Before our departure Saturday we had finally found the perfect home, it was a foreclosure that happened to have more rooms than we could fathom what to do with, a huge backyard, and was in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town.  We had offered to lay down our down payment right then and there, if only we could get the other realtor on the phone.  I just took solace in fantasizing life in this  new home this summer during the boring pitch black drive through Georgia.

I spent that night sitting up next to my husband, dreading the drive, and dreading the exhaustion I knew would come with it on Sunday.  Keely (due in May) for whatever reason had decided to move herself from my belly up into my rib cage making the drive incredibly uncomfortable.  Finally around 3 or 4 in the morning, only on the border of Florida and Georgia I convinced Josh to let us stop somewhere to sleep.  When we first had set out, by this point we were only supposed to be an hour or two from Disney, but our phone’s GPS continuously altered our route without notification or reason throughout the drive adding literally hours to our drive.  That and we discovered that check-in was not until 3 in the afternoon.

The first motel we stopped at was a popular chain and advertised 30 dollar rooms, but then charged additionally ten dollars per person and only had smoking rooms available.  Next to it was a local spot called the Jolly Inn.  The woman at the front desk was just that, despite the late hour, and she gave us the room for just over 40 dollars for us to use for just a 3 or 4 hour catnap before we hit the road again.  We loaded the kids on top of the comforters and on their own pillows and under their own individual blankets.  The room did not smell like smoke, but just old dungy motel, the smell sunk into our hair and clothing, the smell of the sweet success of sleep.


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  1. garym6059 says:

    Nothing I hate worse than having to settle for a dive hotel for nothing more than a quick nap

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