Super Sunday

We made it to the Caribbean Disney Resort just before check-in and of course no one gave us a hard time about our early arrival. We did not have much time before we our dinner reservations at Downtown Disney at the T-Rex restaurant so we just quickly dropped off our luggage at our awesome pirate themed hotel room and ran straight to the nearby bus stop.  This was our first visit to Disneyworld (well my first since I was five myself), and we did not realize how spread out everything was compared to Disneyland, which was an easy hop, jump, and meander from our hotel to anywhere.  A bus pulled up and we climbed on, assuming all buses made all the stops.  The guy at the check in counter was very frustrated when I point blank asked him how to get to Downtown Disney before he was finished with his bracelet speech, so he was quite brief in his description on how the buses worked.  But it turned out that we were on the wrong bus, we discovered this when we arrived to Epcot and the driver announced that he was heading back to the hotel from there.  The driver though was very kind and explained to us the bus system on our way back to the stop.

Finally with minutes to spare the Downtown Disney Bus arrived on the scene and we raced through Downtown Disney to the restaurant so not to miss our 4 o’ clock seating.  I couldn’t believe our luck when we made it 15 minutes early!  We were seated and our food and service was amazing.  Josh and I decided to splurge with the steaks and lobster mac & Cheese, while the kids chowed down on chicken nuggets and pizza.  And then a dirt and worms for dessert (my all time favorite dessert).   It was so rewarding to see the kids so happy, B was taken away by the dinosaurs and Aislyn kept roaring out in excitement at every angle.  Josh ordered the kids each a slushie in a souvenir cup, which also happened to come with a dino toy.  I wrote it off as exhaustion when B began to cry that he hadn’t wanted a slushie in a cool cup, he wanted milk.  I had to side with daddy on this one, it was way too hot a day to fill his tummy with milk anyway.  But once the Slushie arrived B was suddenly delighted and surprised, “Oh!  I like Slushies” he exclaimed with delight as we had to beg him to pace himself before his meal.  I’m guessing he does not receive many Slushies at home.

My energy was high despite the concern my friends had all shown, “Disneyworld and your almost 8 months pregnant?!”  This was my idea, I not only signed up for this, but spent the past several months working hard to plan every little detail, and so far it has been worth it.  I thought look at me, this mama has conquered the art of Disneyworld!  I wanted this last hurrah for B before a summer of having to make sacrifices of fun for the new baby, and a boy focused trip of pirate activities before he was surrounded by girls.

We made a quick trek through the Disney store to purchase flip flops for Aislyn and I, and then back to the bus line.  Suddenly my own concern took over as I stood in the heat.  Dizziness began to hit, perhaps it was the exhaustion, perhaps it was the heavy meal, perhaps it was the heat despite my efforts to dress myself cool.  I started to see spots, and then random moments of pitch black in the middle of the afternoon.  I looked at Josh with great concern, “I think I’m going to faint, I really do.”  All I could think of was a cold bottle of water, or a burst of air conditioning as I began to lay myself out on the concrete and shut my eyes.  Perhaps this was a terrible idea…what on Earth was I thinking.  Josh managed the kiddos while I made my way onto the bus, and then spent the rest of the afternoon taking a quick nap along with the rest of the family before we took on the magic hour at the Magic Kingdom that night.

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom that night around eight, B smiled with delight as he saw the statue of Walt Disney himself (a person he has grown quite infatuated with), and Aislyn literally squealed as she cried out “castle! Relly! (Cinderella)”  We managed that night to ride 10 rides in 4 hours.  The park was basically deserted making it so we felt as if we had the whole thing to ourselves.  From Aladdin’s flying carpets to Belle’s enchanted tales, we did a wide range of activities.  The night truly felt magical as we managed to ride the tea cups and Dumbo under the fireworks.   Then we ended the night with a quick snack from Casey’s on our way out of the park.  On the bus ride home B was jovial for the day to come, Josh was excited for the great achievement of 10 rides in 4 short hours, Aislyn was asleep on daddy’s shoulder, and I couldn’t have been more thankful for the naps.


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