Blue Apron

Way back at the beginning of March I mentioned in a post of how my dear husband surprised me with the gift of blue apron on my favorite day of the year!  Later that week we received our first shipment of 3 delicious suppers to split between the two of us.  When the doorbell rang I was eager to dig into the box, curious how such fresh produce and meats could be shipped in the heat of spring and survive.


Upon opening my box I was greeted with a quite informative letter on the details of the three recipes that were also included.  The recipes come on a sturdy gloss paper with great pictures of ingredients, and on the back step by step pictures of the process of cooking the dishes.  These are perfect to slip into page protectors and into my recipe notebook where I keep all of my favorite recipe clippings from Martha Living and Paula Deen magazines.






Upon removing the pages I found that the entire meal was stored securely and tightly in thick padded aluminum lining.

WP_20150319_008 WP_20150319_006

The product was all incredibly cool with the more fragile items placed on top.

After all the amazing produce and herbs were removed I finally came to a large sheet of ice packs which when lifted revealed the meats for our three meals.


After all was unpacked I couldn’t help but to admire all of our bounty.


Due to the fact that they send everything already in the necessary portions you really are in the long run saving a bundle!  For only 60 dollars we received all these great ingredients, which we could not have acquired for any less or even equal to in cost at even Wal Mart.

WP_20150319_014 WP_20150319_015

The produce looks fresher than anything I’ve seen in our local grocer.


And all of the recipes comes with its own “knick knack” sack of extras.

Just two nights ago we made this amazing Korean inspired dish, that was absolutely delicious:


We are incredibly satisfied with our experience and our food.  Though we wish the portion sizes were just a hint larger (we’re from Texas), and there are some weeks that although they allow us to choose from six different recipes that not even three of them seem to fit our palates.  Though there are times that I have tried their spin on dishes that typically I wouldn’t even taste such as corned beef and cabbage and then find it absolutely to die for!  Really makes us enjoy the food world outside of our box.


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