To Keely: The Meaning of your Name

My Darling Sweet Girl,

I have tossed and turned, and turned and tossed all these nights stressing over the perfect name for you.  It is difficult to pick the perfect name for a precious person that I have not yet met.  All I have is this ultrasound capture, and a dream of who I could imagine you to be.

I do hope you take pride in your name, as it is one that was craft fully mastered and thought out.  First and foremost it had to be of Scots or Irish origin as you are very strong blend of Scots & Irish.


When your Aunt Alexa and I were only 12 we were double casted in the Speech and Drama production of The Hobbit as Bilbo Baggins.  Aunt Alexa played Bilbo on the odd showings, and I played Bilbo on the even, leaving us to also trade out the role of Kili when we were not standing lead.  It was in this class that your father and I had met.  Where your father had fallen in love with the girl behind the sky blue hood.  It was the birth of us, which then, nearly a quarter of a century later, lead to the birth of you.


Although I lost my own father at a very young age I was incredibly close to my (step) grandfather, Col. Wallace J. McKenzie.  He was a war hero, a ingenious & successful business man, and a soul whose love for everyone around him knew no boundaries.  With him I saw the world, and I learned so much about life and how to open my heart.  He did not have any biological grandkids of his own, so with my uncles his legacy would typically end.   I hope you cherish this name as you and your siblings are a part of his incredible legacy.  I hope also, perhaps when you have your own children, you may consider to continue to pass it along.

I love you already and for always,



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