Strength is for Mother Dearest

The Journey to 30

Day 1: My Mommy

By the end of this month I will be 30, and as I sum up yet another chapter of life I want to take each day this Birthday month to honor, cherish, and bask in the various inspirations I have found in life.  I want to reflect on what I have learned through experience, and how I have grown spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

I want to start with my mom, for it was she that gave me my beginning.  My mother has always been the strongest individual whom I have ever met, and in my adulthood I see now that behind her great roar is also a meek mortal human such as myself.  Her own trials she fights to forget, her own spirituality she allows to be her path.

  1. She obtained the ability to single handedly provide a roof over our heads and food in our mouths through my father’s consistent absence and sudden passing in the late 90’s.  I may not have been aware of all the stressors but I was able to witness many of them as our family’s once solid foundation began to crack and crumble.  I picture her now much like Samson but instead of crashing the stone banisters her tiny frame frantically fought and shook holding them up so they did not collapse and crush her innocent lambs.  This led to my own perseverance, I know anything is possible no matter the insane trials already thrown down before my still very young family.
  2. Through her sarcasm and wit mom also held so much knowledge and was able to simplify the most overcomplicated of situations.  She knew the answers when my friends found themselves homeless, or when I found myself suddenly unemployed during the final trimester of my first pregnancy with no insurance.  When you want to run and scream the most she knows when it is time to just sit down and work out a sensible and simple plan of action.
  3. Her obvious work ethic through my childhood has inspired my entrepreneurial feats that I plan to embark upon in this third chapter of life.  I wan to write a book or two, open an aromatherapy shop, and consult other retailers all while still balancing motherhood.  If she did it, I will too!
  4. Aside from strength my mom (now regarded to under the alias of Gigi) has also shown me age is not a factor in life.  Dreams should never be a thing of the past but always a thing of the future.  I couldn’t be more amazed at the great personal and professional success she has had in her fifties and still I am eager to watch as she grows and continues her path with so many opportunities and ideas ahead.


My mom gave me not only this excited heartbeat but also my strength and I love her.


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  1. April says:

    She sounds like a wonderful woman!

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