The Epiphany

Journey to 30:

Day 6: The Epiphany

Epiphany: “the moment in which the soul of the commonest object…seems to us radiant.” –James Joyce

The most mind opening and enlightening courses I ever took were taught by one very inspiring prof.  She showed me how to collaborate the symbolism and meaning in literature with self exploration.   Learning and school work suddenly went from something that had to be done to something I thoughrly enjoyed.  She introduced me to the world of learning and opened my mind to a world where everything connected as one.  It’s much like I walked into her classroom one day a child, and came out that afternoon an adult.  It is difficult to put into words all that she taught me and all that it meant to me.  By the end of the summer (that I returned home solely to take all the courses she had left to offer) I wrote this poem. I did present it to her, but I did not tell her she was the muse for this particular piece.

The Dawning

He sat high upon his throne of life’s experience and wisdom. His modest grin was surrounded by the prickly pear of his cheek and chin. He rubbed his hand against his face creating a sound that stung my ears, as he looked to the distance in deep mediation. I had traveled so far only to witness this magnificent figure of knowledge. I sought an answer to my life; a life lacking a cumbersome significance. I stood before him in silent awe, my mind so consumed in wonder that my mouth could not speak. For so long I had read his script, followed his words, worshiped his tongue. I often imagined what he could look like and fantasized exploring his mind. I pictured diving in and feeling his words consuming my soul; this idea alone made me shiver.

At once he caught my stare and opened his mouth to take a sigh. His warm brown eyes invited me in, I walked in a trance to his vicinity. His silver hair glistened so bright that a halo encircled his head. This angel of God had for so long spoke the words of perfection to my heart.

“Why do you hesitate,” he asked; his voice so deep and crisp that my heart began to flutter. His hands so callused from his pen was held out to my intended chair. I sat, as he spoke, “My child, do not hesitate, do not question or ponder your purpose or significance. What is life without life itself? Why do you waste your time seeking a humble life as my own instead of taking hold of your own? Carpe Diem, seize this day! You never know when it is your last. Do not wallow in the seas of ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’. Regret will not change the past it shall only deepen the wounds. “So far have you ventured my child only to sit in the Café Verone when outside life does persist. You listen to my meaningless babble, you lean on my own life values to measure your own. You are a creature so unique, created perfect for your own path, the path in which you pave. So what is your choice, rubble, rocks, bronze, or gold? Seek your own fulfillment. Take all the experience and life you possess and cherish it for it is your own. One chance is all you have been gifted live it wisely.

I sat for a moment again his words had sung to me their beautiful ballad. My heart did not pump blood; instead harmony pulsed through my veins. At that moment my world altered my mind widened my eyes opened. The suns warmth peered through the window beside me blanketing me with such warmth. The sun, the moon, the sky, to them I turn to now, for they gift me with Today.

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P.S. If You read this, please forgive my still terrible use of commas.

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