Knowledge is my Drug

Journey to 30

Day 7: Knowledge is Power Addicting

I sat in my counselors office one March afternoon as she shook her head with great earnest, “You have to pick a major Jessica.”  It was true, it probably was time to finally pick a major considering it was spring of my junior year.

It’s not so much that I had gone undeclared on purpose, it was more a carpe diem situation.  My college tuition had been prepaid for four years when I was very young, and after my inspiring professor at my local community college, uncensored college level learning for me became an addiction. I knew I only had four short years to partake in all that the university had to offer me, and there was oh so much I suddenly had a curious passion for.  I longed to explore the heavens in astronomy, and to study the best methods of managing my own finances.  I wanted of course to take some theatre, and express my thoughts through a few writing courses. If a friend suggested a professor, or if a professor I enjoyed suggested another professor, there was no way around it, I had to partake.  I would read the course catalog for fun and highlight any classes that sounded unique or odd, much like an actual course that exclusively studied vampires, or another class that focused on Women Writers.

I got to the point that I was taking so many hours a semester that the University had started cutting me off.  So I registered at an online community college and started taking some basics here and there via the internet, so I could enjoy more of my unique course choices at the University like architecture and Cinema.  I spent nights listening to peers read books aloud and furiously writing essays for my many many classes.

So looking out the window that warm spring afternoon, I decided it was time to come to accept that four years was nearly up and it was time to find a way to end this addiction.  “What should be my major, like based off of the classes I have taken.”

“You really have taken classes all over the board, you have a choice though.  English with a certification in High School Education if you want to graduate next year, but if you can go on two more years your other option is Multi-Disciplinary Studies.”

I never want to quit my pursuit of knowledge, and I hope to keep taking the enrichment novel writing classes that I have recently started at Stanford University.  I also intend to save up to attend the Disney Customer Service School in the next year or two.


 I hope through my example my daughters share my thirst for knowledge.


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  1. ljaylj says:

    A class on vampires and women writers…hmmmmmmm… 😉

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    1. Interesting to say the least! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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