Dreams for Chapter 3.0

Since I spent most of the day deep cleaning the house I did not really have time to sit down and write a well thought out blog before midnight so I decided to write a list of dreams that circled in my head to keep me motivated while cleaning

  • The Most obvious of see more of the globe:
    • Istanbul
    • Scotland
    • Ireland
    • Bali
    • Korea
    • Paris/London
    • Munich Germany
    • Belize
    • Oregon/Washington
    • Take Josh to Universal Studios
  • Make A Couple Large Career Moves
    • Open A Tea/Aroma/Import Shop
    • Write/Publish a Book
      • Children’s Book
      • Retail Training Workbook
      • Memoir
    • Start a Consulting Business for Small Shopkeepers
    • Be a successful blogger
  • Be a good (step) & mother…
    • open
    • approachable
    • encouraging
    • wise
    • but most importantly loving
  • Live in a home I can really call our dream home
  • Take and enjoy life one day at a time. ┬áCarpe Diem!

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