Home School-in for Summer

I may be a shopgirl at heart but my degree is in education, primarily 4th-8th grade.  This summer, as I was conveniently laid off from my job in mid-May I found myself quite open to spend quality time with my step son (6 yo), and two daughters (3 & 1 yo).  Perhaps it was the educator in me, or it could have been a desperate attempt to maintain order in the house; I created an extensive series of lesson plans to fill the entire calendar for June & July.

The first trick to order is consistency. (Times may vary in 15 min intervals)

8am- Rise and Shine

8:30-9am Breakfast.

9am-10 am Free Play (mommy coffee and final prep time)

10 am-10:30 am Circle Time

10:30am-11 am  Lesson Introduction

11 am-11:30 am  Related Activity

11:30 am-12 pm  Lunch Break

12 pm-1:00pm  Independent Studies (Centers/Worksheets)

1:00pm-2:00pm Group game/ or activity

2 pm-4 pm  Quiet time/Nap Time


There were occasional days when I would decide to just let them free play while I tried to catch up on household chores, but the difference in their attitudes and behavior were so incredibly drastic that I would go right back to our school schedule the very next morning without hesitation.   This program was a lifesaver!



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