Colloquy of a Three and a Half Year Old

Good Morning my Dear and Vastly Devoted Readers,

I know you were filled with desperate, torturous yearning for more bits of life and parenting wisdom from this shop girl over the past few months of my blogging sabbatical.  And in this time I know you grew concerned for my own well-being stranded in what you may perceive to be a fruitless island, lacking in intellectual stimulation.  But what you need to remember is with time passing Li’l A has aged, and is now a three year old grown up, at least according to her own words of life experience.  She fills the void with stimulating conversations all through out the day, everyday.

In the morning as I make breakfast:

Li’l A:  Mommy.

Just to hear the word in her tone of childlike adoration and idolation fills my heart to the brim with maternal satisfaction.

Me: Yes, Sweet Girl?

Li’l A: *silence*

Me: What is it baby?

Li’l A: *stares at me blankly as if she is unsure if I have lost my mind*


On the phone:

Li’l A: Mommy!

Me: *Attempting to intently listen to her aunt or uncle discuss grown up life*

Li’l A: Mommy!…Mommy!…Mommy!

Me: *rudely interrupting the phone conversation* What A?

Li’l A: *Silence*  Looking into the child patrol mirror on the front of my minivan I watch her as she basks in her silent stare out the window.


While I’m cleaning up the blue paint she and her sister decided to artistically splatter along the playroom and bathroom walls and floors:

Li’l A: Mommy!

Me: *scrubbing the mural with a magic eraser*

Li’l A: Mommy!….Mommy!…Mommy!..Mommy!..Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!

Me:  That’s not my name, I changed it this afternoon.

Li’l A: Mommy!

Me: Oh my word A, what is it?!

Li’l A: *blows raspberry*

Me: *silent stare*

Li’l A: mommy.

Me: Yes?

Li’l A: I blurped-ed.

Me: I heard.

She walks away, satisfied with the invigorating enlightenment she has bestowed upon me throughout the day, just as she had the days before.



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