Our Classroom

I just love glancing around at the blog world, and peeking into other mom’s perfect, neat and orderly, with furniture I wish I could afford or had the talent to construct layouts!  I by no means can keep up with the races of over the top Pinterest rooms, but I have been slowly revamping our little humble classroom.  When we first moved into our home, the built-in balcony had all the fixings to be a childrens’ space.  The cork board and chalkboard were piled atop of one another along the chimney.  Along the far wall spanned a rope perfect for displaying magnificent works of art produced by tiny hands.  And to the left were two long book shelves for storage.

Playroom 1

I was so excited about this space that it is one of the first rooms I unpacked.  I tried to stick to the tactics I had learned from my children’s literature courses, and tried to have a modest blend of books and toys neatly set-up.  I wanted interchangeable featured books outward facing for appeal.  I wanted the toys to spark excitement and allure to literature.  I wanted the entire thing to feel like a magical world.


The shelves though were not steady and each time they were bumped into everything on them would come crashing down. This started to happen on a regular basis.  Though in my head I understood my vision of what I wanted the shelves to bestow, that did not translate to others that may have helped me from time to time in my home.  They would toss back the books, none front facing, toys crammed off into a corner.  And slowly and surely these wide open unsteady shelves became total chaos.

Then there were also storage issues with my school supplies which we stuffed high on a shelf of the linen closet.  It required a stool to dig through everything, and because I was not always the one putting away the supplies, much was just tossed up there leaving for a piling mess to fall upon me each time I just wanted a new color of paint, or practice my weekly switch out of the busy boxes.


So I have purchased toy storage, a small book shelf, and two cabinets (only one pictured).  Once the second cabinet is built I will have plenty of storage for my school supplies, and the top of the cabinets can be utilized as a teacher prep station.  Because I struggle with maintaining my paint supply a pad lock is going to be used to lock the cabinets shut, making this once again a 100% kid friendly zone.



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