The Treasures Found While Shopping Local

I have recently returned to the wonderful and whimsical world of authoring.  I eat, drink, and dream words.  The largest obstacle I’ve come across in my great return is picking out reviewing eyes.   My poor babysitter is paid in cash per hour and the kind demand of reading over the most recent chapters fresh off the presses.

I created an online workshop with some friends from high school I used to write with and still write.  Over the years we have lost touch and our distance combined with “adulting” and life the online workshop has turned out to be quite a bust.  I’ve asked around for a community writer’s group and everyone just looks at me, “you mean like a college course?”

Saturday morning I was sitting around, maturely pouting and feeling sorry for myself when my husband discovered that there was a local author expo in town.  It was advertised in the flyer as an event that would serve as a platform for aspiring authors to find connections with published authors.   It also suggested complimentary editing sessions for ten pages of any manuscripts in the making to be available.

Upon arrival I noticed the authors were more under the impression that this would be some sort of author fair that gave them opportunities to sell their autographed novels, so some were quite bitter by the time I arrived (two hours into the program).  But, there were many authors that were just excited to have someone to discuss their books with.   I lapped every table, well almost every table.  I myself avoided the evangelical tables (almost every other table here in Alabama), I love Jesus as much as the next Christian, but time was depleting too quickly to find myself cornered and preached to, this was a once in a lifetime year opportunity to devour a sea of literary genius.  I have promptly offered equal punishment as this was reward to my husband.  Nonstop babbling has commenced about the unique people I met, the glowing feedback I received on my manuscript, and the rekindled inspiration instilled.

Just from impressions of discussing their lives and their books I picked my top authors to read and check out in each category:

Historical Fiction:


The Doughnut Tree

By: Catherine L. Knowles

When Catherine L. Knowles first purchased her property in Alabama she learned that in 1915 it had been the location of the fateful end of a poor innocent soul by way of hanging.  Longing to know more, she spent years researching an entire line of nine murders and a web of the corrupt political injustice that was sweeping small town Alabama in the early 1900’s.  Inspired by her findings she pursued this book, and dedicated to the poor victim of her property.






Once Upon A Road Trip

By: Angela N. Blount

An inspiring journey where Eat, Pray, Love meets the budget of Kerouac’s On The Road.   This is the true story of Angela’s teenage journey through North America and into adulthood.  




True Crime:



Similar Transactions

By:  S.R. Reynolds

S.R. Reynolds, engrossed in an injustice that hit too close to home revisits the cold case from her own personal perspective as a neighbor, avid follower of the investigation, her extracurricular off the record investigations unraveled clues that forced Knoxville to reopen the case, and pursue justice.  







The Origin Key

By S.D. McPhail

This author left a huge impact on me as a vibrant and loving soul.  Beyond that, of every book I looked at, she was the only one who pitched a book that I wanted to drop everything and read right away!  She is also a fellow WordPresser, so please stop by and pay her homage.





Sci-Fi (This is different than fantasy.  Schooled.):


The Kalisun Initiative

By: Nick Wyckoff










Young Adolescent:



The Hagenheim Series

By: Melanie Dickerson

Always her passion to write this series, Melanie Dickerson has successfully compiled a series of YA romance with a fusion of Fairy Tale retellings.  I’m super excited to dive into this series!






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