Who is David Copperfield?

I have a confession.  I am the worst student of literature ever.  No really, I hold a bachelors that allows me to teach young children literature and I have never read one Jane Austen or Charles  Dickens novel.  If I hear the titles I can tell you the author, but when asked any further questions about any of them I could not even give you a basic synopsis of their plot.   They are all on my intended bucket list, that is after everything else in the world I want to read.  I had actually come to the resolution that over the summers, when my daughters are old enough, that I would assign these classics to them and read along their sides, making it a further bonding experience.

Watching “Now You See Me” the other night with my know it all hubby the actors referred to David Copperfield as being a great magician.  There was a moment of sudden inspiration upon this reference, I love magic!  I spent my entire childhood dreaming of becoming a magicians assistant.  I wanted to wear outlandish costumes, colorful wigs, and I wanted to create magic.  Who doesn’t need a little wonder in their lives?  I actually considered putting away my entire TBF list and racing to Barnes and Nobles first thing Monday morning to purchase this book!

Sunday though, while eating lunch with my husband the discussion of our upcoming Las Vegas trip sparked.   It was getting close enough that it was time to select shows, me ofcourse not a huge lover of show tunes, or cabarets lit up, “what magic shows are there?!”

“Well there’s David Copperfield, that’s awesome!”

“David Copperfield?  Whose that?”

“What do you mean whose that?  How do you go your whole life loving magic and not know who David Copperfield is?”

“I thought it was a Dickens novel,” at this moment I grab the keys to make a quick dash to the car to grab my phone that I accidentally left, this must be looked up.

“No, he’s a magician.”

This went on some time until I returned with my phone to search Dickens novels.  While Josh showed me the picture on his phone of the magician and I showed him the cover of the classic novel.

It was one of those rare moments we were both right…but sadly, as a result, David Copperfield has gone back to the bottom of my TBR list.

This is part of the Taboo Word Challenge:



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