What Does Missioning Mean to You?

No really I’m curious.  As discussed before I grew up Baptist, missioning was a mission you pursued either ‘across the tracks’ or amongst the masses of a foreign population.  You were called to the front while everyone placed their hands on you and prayed for your safety and that your mind be with God, speaking for God.

For those of you who have not kept up, I have recently joined a church.  I’m not a member as I have yet to stand on my head and recite the books of the Bible alphabetical and backwards.  I have joined a small group, which was the community I had been craving.  Though we are not allowed to call them small groups because they are Missional Communities.  We want to make a difference by acting as missionaries through our everyday life.

My husband, being a catholic, has strong differences on the matter.  I think he is so caught up on the word mission, that he lost focus on the bigger picture.  As a recovering Baptist I hear missioning and at first my entire body is overwhelmed with a nauseating loathsome of someone with PTSD, so I understand his hesitations.  For him it’s possibly ten times worse not being raised in a community that lived to rescue babies from Asia or always devising new ploys to lure our community into attending church functions.  It’s like when you visit your great aunt whose apartment window is open directly next to the tracks.  The two o’ clock rush doesn’t seem to phase her while you drop to your knees, holding both hands against your ears.  She is accustom to the noise but you are not; the noise for you is unsettling while it didn’t even give her the slightest stir.

I don’t want to believe the mission here is to set out to be warriors of Christ, converting all who are evident of sin.  Who want’s to be the train, what does that accomplish?

So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word missioning?

  • Is it chasing individuals down along the hot pavement of the Lowe’s parking lot over July Fourth Weekend handing out the newest edition of Watchtower magazine?
  • Is it asking the gas station attendant where they are on their walk with Christ?
  • Is it about results or moments?
  • Is it about conversion or paying love forward?
  • Is it about God’s judgement or understanding?


This is part of Eric’s Taboo Word Challenge.  All participants can be found in the link below:



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  1. Tony Burgess says:

    I think being on mission is intentional about serving others no matter where you are. For some it means a vocational thing where they go to another country to do good works and to share the good news. In any situation you have to allow individuals to make up their own mind and allow their hearts to accept or deny. Either way it’s about sharing God’s love.

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  2. margy47 says:

    Catholics have missions and missionaries in many countries, a few Missionary Oblates, Salesian Missions, St. Bonaventure Indian School and Mission in New Mexico just a few of the ones we donate too, Catholic soup kitchens where people donate their time to feed the hungry. Catholic churches take up special mission collections to help. Mission to me means helping those who need help and to bring the word of God to them through you.

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  3. Josh Wrenn says:

    Not being a Christian, you probably don’t want to hear what it means to me.

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    1. Haha, I knew you would be a fan of this post. ::sarcasm::

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      1. Josh Wrenn says:

        Not not a fan, everyone’s choice and beliefs are theres. Just have opinions on missions which don’t need to be said. Good luck, at any rate.

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  4. margy47 says:

    Good blog but being born and raised Catholic I have to correct something, we do have missons and do missionary work in other countries. What we don’t do is go out and proselytize as some Baptist do.

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    1. That was my point, I’m sorry it was not conveyed as well, that it was not as loud for him growing up. 😉


      1. margy47 says:

        He and I grew up in different times maybe it wasn’t talked about as much in his church as it was when I grew up.

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    2. So being a catholic what does it mean to you?


      1. margy47 says:

        First of all it means I was saved through my baptism in the church. I have a sense of belonging, I feel at home in a Catholic church. I love the sacraments of the church receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. I love the prayers of the church and saying the rosary, being Catholic makes me feel closer to God.

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      2. Aw yes, very personal, thank you. I understand that. My husband yearns for the rituals as well, and I understand. And as a catholic, what does mission mean to you?


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