To Every Place There is a Season

I grew up in Texas, where seasons consisted of hot or cold.  There was no fall and there was hardly any spring.  Living in Alabama these past two years I have, for the first time in my life basked in the variation of four separate seasons!  Though, living in Texas was not all bad either.


Spring in Houston is too hot for the gentle hues, the azalea is the most brilliant bloom.


Spring in Alabama has colored blooms in its trees.


Bonus!  Spring in West Texas where I grew up, there was no life, ever.



Summer in Houston is filled with all sorts of fun activities, though not as bearable as spring, and the seaweed on the shore is at its worst.


Summer in North Alabama is just as oppressively hot, though no nearby tropic oasis to escape to.  But the mountainous walls that surround our community are lush green.


Bonus! Summer in West Texas.  I once thought this was what lush meant:



Fall in Houston does not lose its vibrant hues of green, but you also miss out on the vibrant changing of the leaves.  They go from green to brown, falling to the ground over night.


Fall in North Alabama is the best season there is.  The weather actually cools and the foliage actually changes.  This picture was taken on Thanksgiving, very late in the season.

alabama fall.jpg


Winter in Houston is the best time of year for outdoor adventures.  We loved to spend the week of Christmas at the beach!


This probably holds the greatest contrast for North Alabama, the winters are definitely freezing with dreaded bouts of snow.


Bonus: Winter in West surprising the exact same.  Growing up in the desolate wasteland built me to fully appreciate the gifts that nature bestows.


This was a response to Ailsa’s traveling blog challenge theme: Seasons

Also a part of Eric’s Taboo Word Challenge Check it out by clicking the blue frog below:




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