The Eviction Notice

Not long after writing “The Appraisal” Josh finally received an email from the landlords asking us if we were going to buy the house or not? This was without acknowledgement of the appraisal email, so Josh asked, “How much are you looking for us to pay?”

They said they want 360 for it, but since we were good tenants for more than 2 years they may consider bringing it down to 340 to cut out the real estate costs. This is frustrating considering the appraisal had come back at 208. Our neighbor that listed for 350 originally is still sitting with their house on the market and have had to drop their price to 290 already and they have updated plumbing and electrical.

Josh told them we will think about it. So we started house shopping again, and it broke my heart. Then with his work came an issue that we may indeed have to move states after all, and it’s been a sensation of living in limbo. We don’t know where we will be by the middle of 2017, which makes it even more difficult to provide a clear answer to our landlords as to our extent of time paying them nearly twice their mortgage costs in rent.

January second we received the email that by the end of the month we needed to decide if we were buying the house for their ridiculous up charge and if not they were listing the house to sale. Josh told her that we would not stay to be kicked out with little notice by some buyer, although at this point less than a month already is not an ample notice to move a 3,000 sq. foot house that withholds nearly three years of memories for a family of five.  She thinks she’s calling his bluff.  Josh doesn’t bluff.

I’m truly on panic mode to be honest. Packing is the bane of my existence. I hate it. I hate moving. I hate the entire process. It was a huge factor in my consideration in buying this house in the first place. It frustrates me that there was no communication after the appraisal. That their thoughts were not expressed to us. They want us to buy a house that is destined for an electrical fire at any moment for nearly 200 grand more than it is worth?

They say they want to break even on the purchase of the home, but they are not considering the thousands upon thousands of dollars we have poured into this home through our rent payments, $50,400 to be exact. We never called them for maintenance issues, because we knew they were as young a family as we were.  They never paid for the yearly maintenance they had promised to do, and we never called them out on it.

And this is the return thanks we get? Silence followed by little negotiation, followed more by less than a month’s notice eviction?! Thanks but no thanks.


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  1. dalecooper57 says:

    You have my sympathy, I really hate moving, too.

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