End of an Era: Ringling Bros. To Close Its Final Curtain

Shop Girl Anonymous

It was announced yesterday that the Ringling Brothers Circus is to close that final curtain before the start of summer.   The cause they say are many things; show attendance and the trouble caused by PETA to name two.

Thank You PETA: slowly destroying my childhood one magical memory at a time.

When we moved to Alabama, I did notice an incredibly low show attendance, and I always worried about how our low attendance could discourage the circus from visiting our town, I didn’t even fathom we were facing the end for the circus altogether.

Is it Lack of Interest or Lack of Funds?

Less than a decade ago chairman & CEO Kenneth Feld handed the circus off to his daughters, just as ticket sales were beginning to plunge.  They blame the plunge in sales with kids’ general lack of interest due to the high excitement of video games and the movies.   Though, as…

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