The House of R is Temporarily House-less

The House of “R” has more been the House of Usher this past month, and I’m not only referring to it’s crumbling state after the last set of tornados in our neighborhood.   More I’m referring to the lack of home all together, no it may not have deteriorated off a cliff when the rain gutter lay useless in our front yard, but instead we were forced to pack up two pods on short notice narrowly escaping within our granted time frame.  

This has left me and the tots displace as Mr.R continues to trot the globe for work.   Luckily a kind hearted old broad we deem Grandma has taken us in.  So the girls and I sleep in one room waiting for the word go; when we will hop a plane to again be displaced in a vacation home in sunny Florida.

No one can do homeless with such class as a shopgirl.   The accommodations are exquisite, and rightfully so as I am now a “famous” blogger.   That’s right the girl who runs the popsicle stand at the area mall turns out to be a fan of my blog!   The chance encounter with this subscriber was definitely a step up from the time at the pumpkin patch a year and a half ago when a complete stranger tapped me on the shoulder to ask, “isn’t she that blogger, you know the famous one?”  I turned around beaming only to discover she was referring to my friend beside me, a mistaken identity.  This time though the girl complimenting my blog with glee was looking straight at me and that means I’m only a bling slinger and a juice maiden away from a serious publishing offer.

And where else should such a young celebrity crash but in a neighborhood that was considered livable by the Goddess that is Beyonce’s mom, no I haven’t had the opportunity to bump into her and ask her if she reads my blog yet, but I imagine that would definitely lead to talk of movie rights!

Life has become quite eventful with silent auctions in benefit of the Garden Club,  Historical Reenactments with the Museum Society, and BINGO at the Country Club on Friday nights.  Last week we went to high noon tea twice, a delightful first time experience for Baby K.  Her progression of cup handling was, in the most biased of mom terms “the cutest”.  This blog star is truly living high cotton; the tiny shops and I make homelessness look good.

My anxiety has eased  as I now share a room with Baby K, and one would think that would mean I am finally catching up on sleep.   I have created in my slumber-less existence quite the task list of daily blogging practices, which now due to my busy schedule must be pursued in the evening in the gaps I’m not delighting in a quick chat with Mr. R.  My bed time is still earlier than at home, I’m looking at the earliest sleep times in my life history, clocking in as early as eleven or midnight some nights.

But then there’s the Mockingbirds…a bird only Harper Lee truly understood in her subliminal how-to classic.  At precisely 6:30 am every morning there is a mockingbird that roosts somewhere between my bedroom window and Beyonce’s mom’s home; it sings the alarm of some clueless neighbor, this of course results in the equally earliest rise this Shopgirl has ever practiced regularly in history.  “A Biiiird,” baby K pops up and exclaims, pointing towards the window.   “A Biiiiird!”

“Lay Down and go back to sleep.”

It’s no use, despite her obedience, the original outbursts undoubtedly stir her sister, who quotes Anna, “The Sun’s up, so I’m up!”  Then follows a couple of other strange exclamations as I ask her to follow her sister’s example of going back to sleep, her favorite being, “But it’s Saturday!”

“No It’s Wednesday, and mommy needs to sleep.”

So though life may not be perfect in transition, my celebrity level status has certainly won me some champion perks in this what could have been disastrous displacement.  Definitely counting my blessings this month.


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  1. Skipah says:

    I had a reader recognize me at the Verizon store last year in Madison, Indiana population 12,000. I had finally hit the big time :). I think I might get a shot at writing about the county fair this year!

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