Hi, I’m Mama Jess…

Hi I’m Mama Jess, and yes, I’m a Stepmother

Hi again, I’m Jess, and yes, I’m a Stepchild a few times over

A final hello, I’m Mommy, and yes I’m a mother of two.

I have been through many things in life, including the death of my father just before my eleventh birthday, my own divorce in my early twenties, and a series of bad acquaintances that led me down frightening dark roads.  Through it all nothing has been more challenging, more difficult, more isolating, and more draining than the rewarding world of step-parenting.  I have only been a step parent for five years now and I am continuing to learn.  Each day is so incredibly different than the last for my step-son and myself.  This blog was created to explore the aspects of step-parenting, parenting, and being a stepchild, covering the the good, the bad, and the wicked!

***I use the term our son, or our B as a collective our of all his parents and step-parents as a team.


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