First World Problems

I was raised in a home where I never wanted for anything of necessity, there was always a hot meal (or cold pizza on my favorite mornings) and a roof over my head.  This did not come without sacrifice, these things were not just ordained upon me.  I understand that there was no fairy with…

The House of R is Temporarily House-less

The House of “R” has more been the House of Usher this past month, and I’m not only referring to it’s crumbling state after the last set of tornados in our neighborhood.   More I’m referring to the lack of home all together, no it may not have deteriorated off a cliff when the rain…

The Eviction Notice

Not long after writing “The Appraisal” Josh finally received an email from the landlords asking us if we were going to buy the house or not? This was without acknowledgement of the appraisal email, so Josh asked, “How much are you looking for us to pay?” They said they want 360 for it, but since…

The Appraisal

Buying your dream home can prove more difficult than planned.

Our Classroom

I just love glancing around at the blog world, and peeking into other mom’s perfect, neat and orderly, with furniture I wish I could afford or had the talent to construct layouts!  I by no means can keep up with the races of over the top Pinterest rooms, but I have been slowly revamping our…

The Flea Chronicles

Upon the adoption of a cat from our local rescue shelter, we managed to adopt more than met the eye.

Blue Apron

A review of Blue Apron. What to expect.